Monday, August 4, 2008

Not On Vacation

Back after a longer than planned interruption. I was faced with that most devestating organizational nightmares...moving. This process, while a pain in the sitting area, certainly forced my hand in getting every last item in the house organized. At least, it started out that way. If you've ever moved, you know the drill. When the decision is new and shiny, you carefully pack, pad and meticulously label every single box. As time goes on and the packing becomes more intense, your labeling skills begin to fade. You go from color-coded by room/use/owner with an accompanying chart to keep things straight to stuff of similar size or weight being stuck into boxes together and finally you end up with several boxes of "odds and ends". This only becomes truly alarming when you realize that the "odds and ends" boxes outnumber the carefully labelled boxes by about four to one. Once in your new home, one room becomes box central. Woe to the hapless occupant of that room. In our case, it was Charlie's soon to be bedroom. Poor kid slept among the haphazardly stacked rubble of the rest of the family's belongings until we could make some sense of the whole system. It took almost two weeks to get his room sorted and put together but during the process of clearing his room and making it liveable, a whole lot of random stuff ended up in my room. Now that the boys are squared away and happliy ensconced in their respective rooms, I face the dread task of doing the same in my room...the Zen bedroom seems further away than ever...BLEARGH.