Friday, December 5, 2008

I Don't See The Logic

Okay, I'm back after being a terrible blogger and am now carving out some time for ME do be on the computer for more than five minutes. Actually, I have been on the computer, but I have a facebook page and that's the worst thing in the world for someone with a slight prelidiction to ADD type behavoir. There is no such thing a "I'm just going to check my Facebook page real quick." Uh-uh, doesn't happen. I kept doing that right before planning to check my email and an hour and a half later, I'm over-computered and still haven't checked my mail...sigh.

Anyway, I'm better now. Really. I got one of those notes in the mail the other day about my nine year old. This from the local county nursing service (I'm paraphrasing here a bit): Your son's eyesight was checked by us recently at his school, he's blind as a bat, you're a bad mommy and get thy son to the eye doctor immediately. Like I said, maybe a little paraphrasing but the essence is there. I asked Charlie when he'd had his eyes checked at school, it was about a week ago. I asked if he had his glasses on for the test, he didn't because they told him to take them off. Hmmmm, this after last year's nasty gram about his eyes to which my written response was to send a copy of his school picture (glasses on) and the eyewear in question circled in red Sharpie with arrows poiting to them. Maybe visuals weren't the way to go, this time we're going to go with an auditory response. I called the lovely nurse-type person who signed this year's nasty gram to discuss. She admitted to telling Charlie to take his glasses off before the eye test, prompting my question "When you see the child with a prosthetic leg, do you take it away from him and then give him a shove to test his balance?" She didn't think that was funny and told me so. I don't think taking a kid who has 80/20 vision in one eye and removing his glasses while asking him to read is very funny either and told her so. I decided for her that next year, when my son's name pops up on an eye check list, that she cross him off straight away and go on to the next child. Sheesh.