Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who ARE These People?

I alternately love and hate people. Not specific people, not even individuals, just people as a whole. I deal with people constantly at both of my jobs, one job with the hungry people and the other with the thirsty people. There are days when I like the thirsties better than the hungries. The hungries get much crankier and aren't nearly as happy afterwards as the thirsties.
I think the thirsties are in a better mood because they're coming to the liquor store at the end of their day and upon leaving me, have a nice cold one coming their way. The hungries usually see me in the midst of their workday and are a bit annoyed with the prospect of going back there.

The thirsties are easy because the vast majority of them know exactly what they want, where it is and how much it's going to cost them. The other night, I was rather inundated with weird thirsties. My first thirsty of the night was a more than bit smelly and gave me a gumball machine ring at the close of our transaction. I think this means we're going steady. A bit later, this one doesn't get to be a thirsty because he didn't actually buy anything, he preferred to hang about for roughly three hours, splitting his time between me and the guy working the kitchen in the adjoining bar. We both got the whole of his life story, right down to the fact that his ex-wife controls his money and he has to get permission from her to buy anything, even a pizza. The capper of the evening was a terribly loud and obnoxious woman who tottered in from the bar and proceeded to rearrange all the wine bottles on the shelves before leaving without a purchase. I'm talking ALL the bottles, not just one or two...I have no explanation for this. At least they were all in a good mood.

The hungries are another matter entirely. Most of the time, they're hungry but don't know what for. The hungries are ALWAYS looking for a deal and get mad at ME for not having a dollar menu and are usually shocked by their total. There are those who will hold one bad experience, six months ago, against you for life. Here's my question, if the burned bun scarred you so badly, why are you back again and again and again? The same goes for the complainants who call and tell me we ALWAYS get their order wrong...really? Always? Every single time? Again it begs my earlier question. As daunting as a busload of kids may be at times, I like serving them. The majority of them are teams on their way to or from a game so they're starving and probably got money from their parents so don't complain about the prices. Their coaches have usually put the fear of God into them regarding misbehavior so they're generally pretty tidy and polite. It's a bit like herding cats from time to time but I like the kids.

Thirsties or hungries? God help me if they ever combine into one.