Thursday, May 1, 2008

Greetings From The Road

Yay! The Comfort Inn Duluth has offered us none of the weirdness we experienced the last trip into the wilds and they even have a computer for those of us suffering from internet addiction. It's now an official mental health issue...whoohoo! Now I can blame all the time I spend idly wandering around the information superhighway on something other than a desire to avoid housework. Do you suppose we can get workman's comp for this?

Anyway, this first day of May means that for two months in a row I have failed to meet my set goals for the month and I find myself more than a little displeased by this alarming turn of events. I could find lots of things to blame and perhaps I will, later. Hmmm...later. I think we've just hit upon the root of all evil right there. I haven't set my May projects yet and will have to give it some thought once I return from Duluth. A lovely city, by the way. I think perhaps a non-work trip with the boys this summer might be in order. Provided gas prices don't reach the same level as an ounce of gold.

I haven't seen much CNN this week and my news addiction has gone unfed since Monday but I did hear that our fearless leader was finally talking about the economy one day this week. About time, don't you think? I mean, just because he doesn't have to pay for anything...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Mean, Honestly!

Here we are in the waning days of APRIL and yet another blizzard type storm has buried northern Minnesota. We did have a day that was around 62 degrees a couple of weeks ago and I think that was our summer. It goes so fast, doesn't it?

My projects for the month have stalled, mainly due to weather and my going out of town twice in two weeks (leaving again today for Duluth!). Okay FINE, they've also stalled due to baseball on TV and straight up procrastination. Personally, I think perhaps the garage should not have been included in my plans as it's not really MY domain but my beloved's. I did get the top layer of crap out of the car, only to replace it with a new layer of discarded sweatshirts, water bottles and various bits and pieces of a life lived on wheels. We're going to have to roll over some of this month into May...sigh. I'm getting there, right? RIGHT?! I admit to allowing myself to become completely distracted by everything when I start to think about doing this particular project. I simply don't want to and really need to get my get up and go back. Bleargh.

In other news, my friend Terri is mourning a loss in her family. Mona the Mynah bird is no more. As predicted, the dogs got well and truly sick of being summoned to the back door by an unseen voice, their hopes of going outside dashed and getting whapped on the nose with a newspaper for peeing in the house. I firmly believe the dogs got together and made an elaborate plan, likely involving an ACME catalog, dynamite and a couple of anvils. Terri, her hubby and kids went to Grand Forks for the day and returned to a scene of disaster in the kitchen. The only remaining signs of avian life in the kitchen were an overturned cage, spilled bird food on the floor and a few scattered feathers littering the area. None of the dogs have stepped forward to admit their part in the bird's demise, but we all know they worked in collusion. Obviously, dogs have no real sense of humor about this sort of thing.

Off to Duluth for the week, here's hoping the Comfort Inn has none of the "amenities" the Bates Plaza Motel offered last week! As a precaution, I'll be looking carefully out window before opening my car door and stepping out.