Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Okay, May

Now that I've been home for more than a few days, it's time lay out my projects for May. Finishing the garage is going to have to hit the list, along with getting garden ready (because we might actually hit a couple of consecutive days above freezing and I'd like to be ready) and I believe a sock purge is due about now.

I'd really like to know what the heck happens to socks around here. I actually threw away every unmated, hole-ridden sock in the entire house a while back and bought everyone in the house two new packs of socks. Somehow, the reject socks not only made their way out of the trash and back into the various baskets, bags and drawers, but they have managed to reproduce. There was a commercial a few years ago with a woman confronting the sock gremlin (I think it was for a camera phone, actually) and she busted him in front of the dryer, giggling madly while stuffing one sock from each pair down his pants. We'll address the hidden message another time. But it only proved that I'm not the only one completely flummoxed by the behavior of the sockwear in my home.

In other news, I had been thinking it might be time for a long avoided trip to the doctor. I've been up three or four times a night making use of the facilities and the only other time that's been an issue is when I've been pregnant. I'll have a heck of a lot of explaining to do if that's the case as my beloved was "fixed" after the birth of our second son. My only other thought at the time was that maybe I had a UTI or overactive bladder syndrome (everything's a syndrome these days) and wasn't really looking forward to whatever the doctor would have to do to figure it out. I believe I have not only diagnosed my little issue but found the cure as well. Remember the lovely Zen-type fountain I was so thrilled about? Apparently, I am terribly susceptible to auditory input, even while sleeping. The sound of running water all night long has triggered the same response in this human as calling the dogs to go outside does to the canine population. Good to know, better be unplugging the fountain when it's time for bed. Now I need a remote or a clapper for the damn thing. I'm hoping now that the furnace (forced air) isn't running 24/7 means it will stop humidifying the upstairs and I won't need to add a gallon of water every other day. Sheesh!

Okay then, the projects are set for the month and THIS month I'll get the whole system back in place and running a bit more to goal than the past couple of months. Wish me luck!