Monday, June 16, 2008

Coming Back To Bite Me

I KNEW it! I knew, deep in my heart, that this whole organization thing was going to be the end of me. Remember the mystery keys that I threw away knowing I'd never find the locks they opened? Found another one, we have a trunk upstairs that apparently holds the answers to all of life's mysteries. Answers that must be kept under lock and key...or would if I hadn't thrown the damn key away. Yup, it's locked but good. I honestly have only a vague idea what's inside the trunk, I know there are a few board games in there and a couple of baby blankets I was given when the boys were born. Other than that, the contents are a complete mystery to me and looks like the mystery will remain for a while longer.
Here we are, six months into this whole process and I find my work of previous months slowly coming undone. I realize my purse is gradually filling up again with the same kind of rubble that gave birth to this whole project. I pulled 15 receipts, two empty mint boxes, three dead lighters, a padlock and four crayons out of the depths while looking for a pen in there yesterday. How does this happen? I have come to believe that my purse has its own gravity field that only attracts and holds random items. A mini black hole or the Bermuda Triangle of the accessory universe. I did try to carry a small purse for a while, but I think I have some sort of bag lady gene in my DNA as I simply couldn't leave the house with so few items with me at all times. I CAN'T function with only my keys, wallet and a pen...I tried, really, I did. I have to be able to survive for at least three days on only the contents of my car and my purse, therefore I must keep the essentials squirreled away for emergencies. It's a sickness.
I am finding things are making their way back into the filing cabinet as well, this worries me as I have been trying to remain faithful to my little friend and shred all the unnecessary paperwork that finds its way into my house. Where does this stuff come from? How did it get here? How does it know where to hide? I'm going to have to get rid of that thing and get a tiny little two drawer cabinet to put an end to the paper fornication I suspect is happening when I'm not looking.
This month's projects are languishing a bit, I did get one of the kitchen cupboards cleared out, washed out and reloaded and the least useful cookbooks have been sent away. Unfortunately, that's about all the progress we've made thus far. My beloved has made some headway on the garage...April's project. But that was mostly because he simply couldn't park in his designated area and needed to clear some space. Whatever his motives, at least it got done...sort of.