Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Macho Kitty

My female cat has develpoed an interesting habit, or perhaps I simply never noticed this until recently. She's fascinated by every random bug that makes its way into the house but is completely repulsed by them at the same time. She'll stalk them and pursue them all over the house but at the crucial moment of capture, she gags violently and runs away. I don't understand this at all, if the bugs gross you out so very much, ignore them and the other cat will happily eat them alive. But NOOOO, this is a constant process in the summertime, the chase, the stalking and eventual cornering, but as soon as she touches the bug, it's a giant gag and hasty retreat from the whole hunt. I have puzzled over this and am at a total loss to explain her uncontrollable reaction. I have seen similar behavior in my children. If you brother bugs you so much, IGNORE HIM. But again, NOOOOO, they have to stay within arm's reach of each other at all times, making various sound effect-y noises and generally pissing each other off. Simple suggestions like: don't both sit on the couch at the same time, don't try to watch TV at the same time, stop looking at each other and please stop breathing each other's air are met with withering looks and more than a bit of scorn. I am attempting to be reasonable here and they're acting like I'm an idiot.
I am taking a stand and staying the hell out of every relationship in the house except my individual relationships with each member of the household. How they relate to one another isn't my problem, is it? I'm not entirely sure how long I will last but I am more than willing to give up my striped shirt and whistle and simply be a spectator and not the referee around here.