Thursday, September 11, 2008

They're Winning

The attempted bee-mageddon did not have the desired effect. The expanding foam stuff did its job, but the bees seem comlpletely unfazed. I have seen for myself that the crack is entirely filled to the point of weird cloudlike formations of now hard-as-a-rock foam that squeezed its way out of the crack and is now a permanent addition to the outside decor of the house. The bees evidently had some sort of emergency exit/escape hatch in the original design of the nest. I know not where this hidden entrance is, but it exists. The bees are just as numerous as before and I believe we're going to need disguises if we plan to use the front door any time before winter. I suspect they have our pictures posted in the bee post office and are on the lookout for my beloved in particular. My local hardware store owner is completely out of both ideas and products as I am not alone in my ongoing battle, everyone I've mentioned my little bee problem to has had a horror story of their own. Sympathy is plentiful, solutions are not. One guy suggested we pour a can of Mountain Dew into an ice cream bucket, add dish soap to it and the bees will somehow end up trapped and dying in a sticky-sweet, lemon-scented bucket of death. I'm still not clear on HOW this is going to solve my problem, but the boys are keen to try it just for the potential gross out factor. I'm going to have to opt out of that particular science experiment until I'm truly desperate.
I wouldn't be so determined to rain death upon the colony but for the fact that more and more tiny invaders are making their way into the house. I'd be perfectly willing to leave them to their bee errands if I could use my front door without being bombarded. I've learned a bit about bees through this whole operation, they're not really very good at flying, kind of clumsy, actually. They have a tendency to fly straight until they crash into something bigger than them, bounce off, try and crash again, then eventually fly off, weaving a rather drunken looking path toward the next large object so they can start the whole process over again. This is my wily opponent? These are the creatures that have outwitted both my husband and myself? This is the species that can survive enough chemical intervention to fell a herd of wooly mammoth? Honestly!