Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Have I Done?

Like I don't have enough time wasters, I have recently become a devotee of Facebook (tm) and have completely screwed myself. You can pretty well bet that any and all projects that might still have been on my list are now indefinitely shelved. It all started so innocently, as many things do, I joined Facebook (tm) when my eldest son joined. This was not to be the cool mom, quite the opposite, actually. I joined so I could keep an eye on what kind of people he was talking to online and that sort of thing. Next thing I know, all three of my sisters, their husbands and assorted children as well as several cousins were there as well. Then my parents got Facebook (tm) accounts, to which my teenager responded with a declaration that his street cred was completely destroyed now that his GRANDPARENTS were on Facebook (tm). I contend that it makes his grandparents way cooler than most. We're now up to somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 relatives and an equal number of family friends. Facebook (tm) is also a dream come true for those of us with some ADD tendencies. We don't need to have a lengthy email exchange to keep up with each other, we just have to see what one another's status is at that moment. We can punch random names from our past into the search engine and find people we haven't thought of or spoken to in 20 years, but they're on our friend list now, baby! I had gotten a friend request from a woman whose picture looked vaguely familiar but whose name I didn't recognize. We have several friends in common so I figured I must know her. Three months later, she changed her name to include her maiden name and I FINALLY know who this woman is. I mean, honestly.

Every time I log on to Facebook (tm), I swear it's only going to be for a minute. An hour later, I'm running late for work and still haven't been in the shower. I'm doomed. There are FAR too many things to click and distractions to be enjoyed. I have become a complete "Pieces Of Flair" geek and will spend an alarming amount of time looking through the goofy virtual buttons to stick on my virtual bulletin board and virtually send to actual people (to get more points so I can get more, you see what's happening?). I have taken more quizzes to define myself (Which 80s Movie Are You?, What Rock Star Are You? get the drift, The Breakfast Club and Dave Grohl, by the way). I could certainly spend my time on more productive pursuits but really, what fun are they?