Friday, September 4, 2009

I Told You It Hurt!

So I FINALLY went to the doctor yesterday to see about my left shoulder that has been bothering me onn and off for a while now. It clicks and grinds when I rotate it and I can't sleep on my left side at all, this has been going on for about 6 months so I decided it was time. I've been seen for it before and was told it was everything from tendonitis to bursitis to possible arthritis (all the itises all rolled into one?). Finally called and made an appointment with the world's tallest orthopedic specialist (but that's another story). He asked if I'd sustained any injury to that shoulder and I remember slipping off a fire escape type ladder a couple of years ago, saving myself from falling by catching the bottom rung with my armpit. He sent me down for xrays and imagine both our surprise when the film revealed a badly healed break. He looked at me with a fair amount of amazement in his expression and asked "Didn't that hurt like hell?" I said yes, for a couple of weeks but Advil, liquor and ice packs got me through it just fine thank you very much. I figured I had pretty effectively pulled everything in my shoulder but it truly never occurred to me that I might have BROKEN something. The doctor had me go through all the range of motion possibilities one can possibly try and was further amazed that I could do then all with the exception of one. My only problem since the incident is hooking and unhooking bras, simple enough to fix, I switched to front loaders and problem solved!
I go in for an MRI next week to see just how badly it's healed and then we'll decide about rebreaking and setting it properly this time. Andrew says I am officially one of the toughest chicks he knows, darn right I am.
This wasn't about martyrdom or anything like that, I honestly didn't think it was that bad. I figured I'd wrenched it pretty darn good and it got mostly better. Except for the sleeping on it, the pretty constant ache and the whole bra thing...okay, maybe there were signs.
Charlie wants to know if they're going to hit me with something heavy to rebreak it. Andrew offered to rebreak it himself and my beloved just doesn't want to be there if there are needles involved. Their sympathy and concern is overwhelming, to say the least. Feel the LOOOOOVE!