Thursday, December 6, 2012

Getting It Together

It has been quite a gap between posts, my apologies.  I try hard to keep the tone light and my posts non political, I found that difficult to do this past election cycle so I guess it was easier to not post. 
Speaking as a world citizen and not as a Republican or a Democrat, I have pretty much had it with our political system.  Grown ups, professionals, the would be leaders of our country behaving like middle schoolers.  I refuse to believe these people don't see what we, the people they are hoping will vote for them, see.  There is no room for compromise on either side, God forbid someone from one side be seen talking to or working with the enemy and no one is allowed to be moderate anymore.  When we were in school, we occasionally had to do school projects as a team, many times we would get paired up with someone we didn't necessarily get along with.  What did we do?  Sucked it up and carried on because there was work to do.  Why is it we got that lesson in the fourth grade and the leaders of our country can't manage to apply the same tactics to running the country?  I think super PACs and billionaire patrons should be banned and political ads completely eliminated.  I like the way Venezuela runs campaigns.  No politicians can buy TV or radio time, each candidate gets 30 minutes on all networks twice a week to plead their case, take callers, tap dance, read the phone book, whatever.  This is the time they have and no one can buy more.  I love the idea as much as I loathe commercials. I compare campaigns to job interviews, would you ever, in a million years, walk into an interview and say to the interviewer "You know that guy who was just in here?  He's a piece of crap and I'll tell you why." How likely are you to get that job?  How about you go in and tell them why you're wonderful and the best person for the job?  Wait, that's exactly what we do out here in the real world.  Why do we let the people who want to make laws and effect our lives in long lasting ways get away with this behavior if it's something we'd never do or tolerate in our own lives?  When did this become okay?  I think an appropriate rule of thumb for politicians should be "If we wouldn't allow our third graders to get away with it, we can't let our politicians."

If we all made a pact to only vote for the best behaved candidates, I wonder who would be left to run things?  Rational and reasonable people?  Do you think they'd get anything done?  I wonder...